Spring Gathering: Racial Justice and Faith (Philadelphia, 5/17-18)

For our spring gathering, we will be in Philadelphia focusing on our central question for the month of May: How has Christianity contributed to the making of race throughout history and what can be done about it today? We will begin in the morning with sessions on topics like:

  • “Whiteness, Christianity, and Politics” (Lisa Sharon Harper)
  • “Asian Americans and Racial Justice” (Mihee Kim-Kort)
  • “Solidarity in the Work of Racial Justice” (Julie Rodgers)

In the afternoon, we will go on a neighborhood walk that focuses on Black Faith and the Birth of Democracy in Philadelphia, led by Charles L Howard and Lisa Sharon Harper  visiting key sites like St. George’s Methodist Church, Free African Society, African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas, and Mother Bethel along the way. A final evening session will bring together leading evangelical voices to watch and discuss the new film, “True Believer,” in conversation with the director Kristen Irving-Jordan. 

With bountiful time for shared meals, personal reflection, and small group conversation, the spring gathering is a great opportunity for fellowship participants concluding an intensive year of study as well as those new to our community.

  • Venue: Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral 
  • Cost: $20

Schedule (5/18/24)


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