Fall Gathering 2024: The Way of Jesus for Today

While there is much we don’t know about tomorrow, one thing we do know today: many of the certitudes we held yesterday do not serve us well any longer. People seeking faith amid our tumultuous times require discernment about the way of Jesus for today – new ways of imagining who we are and how we are to live and work together. At the beginning of a new program year, we will gather in Minneapolis to learn together and get to know one another. We will especially focus on what the way of Jesus might look like for us today. 

We are thrilled to be joined by three very special guests: Christena Cleveland, Debie Thomas, and Tyler Sit. You can learn more about their books, which we will be reading throughout the fall, and their bios here.

Special Note for Faith and Justice Fellows: While this gathering is optional for participants in the Faith and Justice Fellowship, they are highly encouraged to attend, as our time together is a key part of the fellowship experience. 

Special Note for Preaching Justice Fellows: This gathering is a required component of the Preaching Justice Fellowship.

Thursday (9/12/24)

Friday (9/13/24)

Saturday (9/14/24)


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