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1. Participating Churches

We welcome churches and ministries to use the F+J curriculum in your communities. Participate in our webinars, use our videos and readings, interact with the broader community, then process and discuss in your community. We provide the content, you bring contextualized leadership.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Access to all of the great F+J content (including live events and media library of past events)
  • Designated spaces for your community on the F+J platform
  • Unique signup/paywall link to gather people in your community space
  • Collaboration with other churches and ministries

Pricing is based on the size of a congregation’s weekly attendance: 1-50 ($149/mo) • 51-100 ($299/mo) • 101-250 ($399/mo) • 251-500 ($499/mo) • 501-1,000 ($699/mo) • 1,000+ ($899/mo). 

Ready to get started? Getting your community on the Faith and Justice Network is a simple two-step process: 

After we receive your submission, we will set up your church space and custom link for member registration. You can ordinarily expect to hear from us within 1-2 business days.



Invite your members to join the Faith and Justice Network using the provided URL. Registrants will automatically be added to your church space on the platform. 

Here is a sample announcement you can share with your community: 

We invite you to join [Church Name] on the Faith and Justice Network! Learn, grow, and connect with others journeying toward a more beautiful, expansive, and liberating vision of Christian faith in the world. By joining through [Church Name], you will (1) gain access to events and resources on the Faith and Justice Network and (2) have the opportunity to learn alongside others from [Church Name]. 

Every month, the Faith and Justice provides the following: 

  • Webinar with a teacher, often the author of the book we’re reading 
  • Short teaching videos 
  • Curated readings 
  • Embodied practices 
  • Online discussion forums 
  • Fireside Chat (a time for debriefing the month’s content with other network members) 
  • and more 

You may choose to engage in one or two of the activities each month or do as much as you can. The critical part is finding a rhythm that works for you, amidst the various streams of action and contemplation.  

[Church Name] will also provide ongoing support and opportunities to connect together around all of this content as a community. 

2. Partner Churches

Building on over a decade of programming at Newbigin House of Studies, the Center for Faith and Justice embarked on a new chapter as a seprate organization in Fall 2022. More than ever, we are committed to partnering with churches and seminaries and coming alongside new and existing communities. We always welcome exploring new possibilities that build on the work we are doing.

Partner churches receive all of the benefits of “participating” churches (listed above), plus the following:

  • Unlimited seats for your community members
  • Up to 30 sub-spaces for small groups, interest groups, leadership teams, etc.
  • Online Community Events (live streams and virtual rooms): your own community calendar, streaming channel, and live rooms (a Zoom alternative), all integrated into one event management space that functions in a browser  
  • Host live Faith and Justice events in your church and build a weekend conference or retreat around some of our content and speakers 
  • Invest in leadership development opportunities for members of your team 
  • Imagine and build new opportunities in dialogue with Faith and Justice staff and leaders as thought partners 
Interested in learning more? Email Peter Choi.


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Interested but have questions? Send us an email and we'd love to chat with you about any of the details! 

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