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Access your giving statement and/or manage recurring gifts (if you choose to contribute monthly) by clicking the button below. You will also receive a receipt via email immediately upon submitting your donation. The Center for Faith and Justice is a ministry of City Church San Francisco and donations are tax-deductible. 

Donor Dashboard

Your Gift Makes Our Work Possible

By giving to the Center for Faith and Justice, you are helping a diverse, global community of people reimagine and embody the way of Jesus. We do this work through robust spiritual, scholarly, and cultural engagement in partnership with churches and academic institutions. In a world where so much harm has come in the name of religion, thank you for helping us build a world of deeper faith and justice for all. 

Specifically, your gift contributes directly to these priorities:  

  • A community of learners: We have an amazing, growing community of people with rich and varied experiences gathering around common questions and struggles. 
  • A community of teachers: In a precarious and divided world where speaking the truth is neither easy nor safe, we are investing in leaders who have chosen the path of faithfulness even when it’s costly. 
  • A community of faith: Despite abundant evidence to the contrary, we believe communities of faith can offer hope to the world. And so we are choosing to learn from those who’ve gone before us and many voices we have ignored or undervalued for too long, even as we embrace a growing and evolving faith that we will never fully grasp. 
  • A community of justice: Far from a secondary issue only some people are called to care about, we believe that the way of faith and the work of justice are inseparable. 

Thank you for your contribution to learners, teachers, the journey of faith, and the work of justice! 

Questions about our work? Contact Peter Choi.  

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