Three Levels of Engagement

Join the network anytime for our monthly units, which can stand on their own or be part of a longer journey. Or do the fellowship with a cohort of peers. Or take a year to do the academic track and take a dip into seminary education. 


Join anytime for a month, a season, a year, or more. New topics each month. 

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Open to network members, a 9-month journey with a cohort of peers. 

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Do the work of the fellowship for academic credit at one of our partner seminaries. 

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Overview of the Year

There are two major themes that frame our activities over the course of the year: Spiritual Theology in the fall and Public Theology in the winter/spring. All of the core activities are fully online; there are three optional in-person gatherings in different parts of the country throughout the year. We encourage everyone to make it to at least one gathering as it deeply enriches the work we do online. 

FALL / Spiritual Theology

The Way of Jesus

Develop spiritual and theological wisdom for life with God, focusing on all of life as time- and place-bound in order to shape the ways we approach telling our stories, reading Scripture, and building a life of prayer and contemplative practices in the way of Jesus. 

KEY QUESTION: How do I love God? 
TOPICS: Stories, Place, Prayer, Bible, Vocation


The Work of Justice

Explore Christianity as a public faith that prioritizes the common good – with an interdisciplinary approach drawing on history, politics, science, as well as religion – to understand and address common obstacles to human flourishing for the good of the world.

KEY QUESTION: How do I love my neighbors? 
TOPICS: Race, Gender and Sexuality, Money and Power, Multi-Faith Society 


October 7-9, 2022

San Francisco

January 27-29, 2023

New York City

May 19-21, 2023

These in-person gatherings are optional but highly encouraged for network and fellowship participants. Travel scholarships are available. 

Key Elements of the Program

The fellowship year consists of two seasons, inviting us to explore two overarching themes: faith and justice. Each month, we focus on a topic that helps us delve deeper into a particular aspect of the theme. There are a variety of activities to support learning and conversation over the course of the year:

- monthly webinars*
- fireside chats*
- bi-weekly podcast
- curated readings
- mini lectures 
- embodied practices

Everyone is invited to contribute to the online discussions. Some participants are part of a cohort (learn more here). If you are interested in leading a cohort from your church or network, please contact us

*Activities marked with an asterisk are synchronous, and ideally participants would join at the scheduled time, though recordings will be available after the event as well. Please note that most other fellowship activities are asynchronous, meaning you can do them on your own at a flexible time that works best for you.

The Year at a Glance

Starting Points

Who are we, and how did we get here? We’ll examine the places and times that have shaped our lives to see God at work in all of it. In doing this work, we’ll discover that a deeper understanding of our present moment helps us walk in the way of Jesus. 

Speaker: Kirsten Powers (Sat., Sept. 10, 10-11:30am PT; session will be recorded and available in the Media Library)
Book: Saving Grace: Speak Your Truth, Stay Centered, and Learn to Coexist with People Who Drive You Nuts

September 2022

The Inward Journey

To avoid a navel-gazing spirituality will require not turning away from ourselves but looking more deeply into ourselves. We’ll learn about specific resources and practices that help us along the spiritual life: contemplative prayer, lectio divina, the Enneagram, and more. 

Speaker: Cole Arthur Riley (Sat., Oct. 8, 10-11:30am PT; session will be recorded and available in the Media Library)
Book: This Here Flesh: Spirituality, Liberation, and the Stories That Make Us
Optional Gathering: October 7-9 in Denver

October 2022

The Long Journey

Following Jesus leads us through wild varieties of life’s terrain. Just as the road behind us has been uneven, there are more surprises ahead. We’ll locate ourselves on a long life trajectory as a spiritual practice. Taking stock of our past, we will look to the future with sobriety and hope. 

Speaker: Mark Noll (Sat., Nov. 12, 10-11:30am PT; session will be recorded and available in the Media Library)
Book: America's Book: The Rise and Decline of a Bible Civilization, 1794-1911

November 2022

The Outward Journey

Just as there is breathing in and breathing out, the inward journey leads to the outward journey in the spiritual life. We’ll learn about how life with God moves us out toward the world by seeing once more how the good news of Christianity is good news for all people. 

Speaker: Lisa Sharon Harper (Sat., Dec. 10, 10-11:30am PT; session will be recorded and available in the Media Library)

December 2022

The Beloved Community Gathering (Optional)

In January, we'll gather* in San Francisco for a 2-day public conference, followed by a weekend retreat outside the city. 

January 2023

Race and Justice

What does it mean that we live in a racialized society? Does racialization and racism really pollute everything social in our world? What does it mean to pursue justice? 

February 2023

Gender, Sexuality, and Justice

What is the relationship between Christian faith and gender, sexuality, and justice? How can Christian spirituality heal and restore what has been broken in the most intimate areas of our life? 

March 2023

Money, Power, and Justice

How can our economic and political systems seek human flourishing? Is that even possible? 

April 2023

Justice in a Multi-Faith World

How is learning about world Christianity essential for the work of justice? What about inter-religious dialogue and relationships? What does translation, contextualization, and epistemological humility have to do with the heart of Christian faith? 

Optional Gathering: May 19-21 in NYC

May 2023

Join Us on the Journey

And become part of a vibrant community of spiritual formation and mutual support that spans across the world, tackling hard questions and seeking the common good…

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