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We are pursuing a more beautiful, expansive, and liberating vision of Christian faith in the world. 

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The Faith + Justice Network

The Faith and Justice Network is now available for individuals and groups via a monthly or annual subscription! Join our community and get access each month to several virtual webinars, video resources, curated readings, spiritual practices, online forums, and more. You can also join a cohort with one of our amazing leaders. Or bring your own group along to do the work together with your friends. Join anytime, cancel anytime, though we hope you’ll stay a while!

Joining the Faith and Justice Network means immersing yourself in a community of people on a spiritual journey. You may choose to engage in one or two of the activities each month or do as much as you can. The critical part is finding a rhythm that works for you, amidst the various streams of action and contemplation we offer each month: 

  1. Webinar with a thought leader, often the author of the book we’re reading for the month 
  2. Short teaching videos focusing on a Bible passage, a history lesson, or a theological reflection 
  3. Curated readings based on key texts that relate to the monthly theme; participants can choose to read 10-15 pages or several hundred pages 
  4. Embodied practices, activities to do on your own or with others, ranging from nature walks to guided writing exercises to different forms prayer 
  5. Online discussion forums addressing questions and topics related to the monthly theme  
  6. Fireside Chats at the end of each month, a concluding video livestream (sometimes a Zoom call), a time to reflect on lingering questions 
  7. And more: an accompanying podcast, office hours with a teaching fellow, regional gatherings, immersion trips in different parts of the world, etc. 

Join a small group of peers on a shared journey, led by one of our teaching fellows or other partner leaders who work at the intersection of faith and justice. 

Tuition for cohorts: $100/month, usually for set periods of time (e.g., year-long, four months for the duration of our spring curriculum, etc.); generous scholarships available. 

For spring 2022, cohorts space is limited. To request a spot, you can visit the cohorts page inside the platform after subscribing. Look for more cohort opportunities in the summer and fall. 

The Faith and Justice curriculum can be used by a local congregation for their spiritual formation programming. Interested ministry leaders, please use this form to learn more. 

Join the Academic Track of the Faith and Justice Fellowship. It’s a part-time, cohort-based, distance learning pre-seminary program you can do from anywhere in the world. Our partner seminaries are:

  • Austin Theological Seminary
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
  • Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Michigan).

Completed course work in the Faith and Justice curriculum can be used for advanced standing with credit in a master’s degree program. 

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    Webinar Speakers: Kelly Brown Douglas, Beth Allison Barr, D.L. Mayfield, Devin Singh, and Shirin Shafaie 

    Winter & Spring 2022

    Interim: Review and Reflect

    A time to reflect, gather together at our winter retreat, and review the fall curriculum. Catch up on anything you might have missed (video archives, online discussions, and more). 

    January 2022

    Race and Justice

    What does it mean that we live in a racialized society? Does racialization and racism really pollute everything social in our world? What does it mean to pursue justice? 

    BOOK: Kelly Brown Douglas, Resurrection Hope: A Future Where Black Lives Matter

    WEBINAR SPEAKER: Kelly Brown Douglas

    February 2022

    Gender, Sexuality, and Justice

    What is the relationship between Christian faith and gender, sexuality, and justice? How can Christian spirituality heal and restore what has been broken in the most intimate areas of our life? 

    BOOK: Beth Allison Barr, The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth

    WEBINAR SPEAKER: Beth Allison Barr​

    March 2022

    Money, Power, and Justice

    How can our economic and political systems seek human flourishing? Is that even possible? 

    BOOK: D.L. Mayfield, The Myth of the American Dream: Reflections on Affluence, Autonomy, Safety, and Power

    WEBINAR SPEAKERS: D.L. Mayfield and Devin Singh

    April 2022

    Justice in a Multi-Faith World

    How is learning about world Christianity essential for the work of justice? What about inter-religious dialogue and relationships? What does translation, contextualization, and epistemological humility have to do with the heart of Christian faith? 

    BOOK: Kosuke Koyama, No Handle on the Cross: An Asian Reflection on the Crucified Mind

    WEBINAR SPEAKER: Shirin Shafaie

    May 2022
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    Teaching Fellows: Peter Choi, Mihee Kim-Kort, Liz Lin, Riana Shaw Robinson, Julie Rodgers, Shirin Shafaie, and Devin Singh. Learn more and read their bios here

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