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The Faith & Justice Network

The Faith and Justice Network is now available for individuals and groups via a monthly or annual membership! Join our community and get access each month to several virtual webinars, video resources, curated readings, spiritual practices, online forums, and more. 

Joining the Faith and Justice Network means immersing yourself in a community of people on a spiritual journey. You may choose to engage in one or two of the activities each month or do as much as you can. The critical part is finding a rhythm that works for you, amidst the various streams of action and contemplation. 

Every month, we work through a fresh set of learning materials: 

  • Webinar with a teacher, often the author of the book we’re reading 
  • Short teaching videos 
  • Curated readings 
  • Embodied practices 
  • Online discussion forums 
  • Fireside Chat 
  • and more 

We welcome individuals to participate in the Faith and Justice Network. For many, doing some of this work on your own, at your own pace can be an important component of exploring the spiritual life. [Sign Up Today]

We also welcome groups and churches, to work through the monthly rhythms and/or archived resources together. [Learn More]

Every month, the curriculum consists of fresh new content: a teaching webinar usually toward the beginning of the month, an online fireside chat toward the end of the month, mini video lectures, curated readings, embodied practices, and more. 

For those who want to dialogue about what they are learning, monthly discussion posts can provide a good place for interaction. If you would like to do more of this work in community, we hope you’ll consider joining the Faith and Justice Fellowship (Sep-May). 


Monthly webinars, fireside chats, mini lectures, curated readings


Talk with people from all over the world about what you are learning 


Engage in embodied practices on your own and together. 


Retreats and conferences throughout the year for deeper connection. 

A look back on a good year

“I not only had the opportunity to work through texts, but also to talk to people who were different from me.”
 Nicole Anderson Cobb

“It was a very welcome surprise to feel my faith expand in a way that has me gushing about the Holy Spirit like never before.”
– Rachael McClair

“The thing I keep coming back to is that God is bigger than my conceptions of God.”
– Amanda Samuel 

“It’s about wrestling, not the easy answers. Tell me the new way. In the wrestling, I was blessed, and my cohor≠≠––ot was blessed.”
– Riana Shaw Robinson

Membership Benefits

Join Us on the Journey

And become part of a vibrant community of spiritual formation and mutual support that spans across the world, tackling hard questions and seeking the common good…

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