Race and Justice (May 2024)

According to historian Rebecca Goetz, the idea that Christianity and heathenism were hereditary “found its full expression in the Americas.” During May, we will explore the tragically entangled history of Christianity and race in America to understand how people of faith used theology to weaponize human difference. Racial justice work in our time will require ongoing spiritual and theological reckoning with the ways religious beliefs continue to shape racist antipathies. 

Bonnie Kwon is our May speaker

Network membership includes access to the following: 

  • “Race, Justice, and the Asian American Experience” with Bonnie Kwon: 12:00-1:30 pm Eastern Time on Sunday, May 5 (recording available afterward on the network platform)
  • Short Video: “Christianity and the Problem of Race”
  • Evening Prayer: Led by Kinship Commons, a women-of-color-owned collective of artists who curate worship and liturgies centering BIPOC voices
  • Office Hours: Check in with our community leaders to chat about anything on your mind or heart
  • Curated Readings: Works by Rebecca Goetz, Gary Okihiro, R. S. Sugirtharajah
  • Online Discussions: Join the conversation with people from all over the world
  • Fireside Chat: A virtual gathering to process together what we’ve learned over the past month

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Seek Faith, Learn Justice, Together in Community


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