Center for Faith & Justice

The Center for Faith and Justice offers programs in theological education and spiritual formation for individuals, congregations, and other faith communities. We do this work in strategic partnership with higher ed institutions. 


An online community with webinars, online discussions, and other resources 



A cohort experience through our core curriculum in spiritual and public theology 



Advanced standing in a masters degree program at one of our partner seminaries


Who are we? What do we do?

We are a community of people seeking faith and learning justice, with participants from all over the world… 


Seeking Faith

Our work together is rooted in historic world Christianity, which means we make space for the mystery of a faith that both transcends time and place and yet burrows deeply inside of life here and now. 


Learning Justice

The work of justice is inseparable from a life of faith in Jesus, who showed us that fullness of life is inextricably bound up with a love of neighbor that transgresses boundaries. 


Together in Community

With participants from all over the world, our diverse community of people on many different, even divergent, paths reminds us of the primacy of relationships. 


Online Conversations

Thoughtful use of technology for online education makes our work possible. But these are mere tools and pathways for the irreplaceable richness of human connection. 


In-Person Gatherings

Occasional face-to-face gatherings make our community deeper and more close-knit. We hope to see you at one of our conferences in San Francisco or another part of the world.


A Broader Network

Even as we live in tumultuous times with many seemingly intractable divisions, a vision of God’s Beloved Community animates everything we do. We hope you’ll join us! 

Center for Faith & Justice


In the beginning, God made the world good. It’s a beautiful opening we have in the Bible, even if much of what follows is hard to understand. After all, none of us has the whole story. What we do know is that the way of Jesus and the work of justice are two prominent themes of scripture we can ill afford to ignore in this world of beauty and sorrows. And so together, we are seeking faith and learning justice, which is another way of saying we are pursuing a more beautiful, diverse, expansive, and liberating vision of Christian faith in the world.

Meet Our Team

Our core teaching team is made up of pastors, authors, activists, and scholars committed to the work of faith and justice: Peter Choi, Kristin Kobes Du Mez, Lisa Sharon Harper, Mihee Kim-Kort, Liz Lin, Riana Shaw Robinson, Julie Rodgers, Shirin Shafaie, and Devin Singh. They lead webinars, engage in community conversations, help craft the curriculum, and guide the overall direction of the network.

Our Partners

Join Us on the Journey

And become part of a vibrant community of mutual support for spiritual formation that spans across the world, tackling hard questions and seeking the common good…

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